what we do

The international company E-COMGLOBAL is a leader in the network of direct selling. We present the best service for our customers and take the responsibility for organizing deliveries around the world.

E-COMGLOBAL is your guarantee. We are your trusted choice!

Our innovative logistic system proposes efficient and simple procedure of goods dispatching and receiving, vast network of call-centers for processing clients’ requests in various countries, high quality IT system for integration, automatic planning, reporting, online monitoring of all operations, analysis of all the main business-processes and decisions.

The company E-COMGLOBAL is glad to offer the fulfillment services – the full complex of operational and warehouse goods processing for internet-shops.

We propose you

Advantages of choosing the fulfillment services – clear implementation of commissions followed by the given deadlines, responsible storage of goods in the necessary conditions, vide choice of the type of delivery of the shipments, door-to-door service, freight forwarding services, foreign trade activities and customs brokerages. Our experienced specialists will accurately process the goods and take responsibility for safe storage.

Our customers are small and medium-size businesses involved in wholesale and retail trade.

Our cooperation gives you legal transparency of all the procedures and operations, and timely assistance in making the right decisions. E-COMGLOBAL successfully operates in the field of shipments freight and delivery for more than 10 years contracting the suppliers around the world.

The network of our business partners allows us to render the services of the highest quality in Latvia and other countries of the world. The deliveries are done every business day.

We are open for cooperation and glad to offer you the most advantageous conditions.